A word on design…

Design is a very important part of any campaign; in fact design is an important part of life!

From the way a bottle of beer is shaped to fit into your hand to the way a shop window is laid out to entice customers in. We are constantly surrounded by design, whether it be good, bad or indifferent.

We would like to provide fantastic designs that we all love – we want us all to be proud of the designs we produce.

Unfortunately good design does not come out of fresh air! The final product is a result of the initial ideas and the communication that occurs before a mouse is clicked or a line is drawn.
With this in mind it is very important to communicate what a design needs to do rather than what it needs to feel or look like.

When thinking about your design, try to avoid words like groovy, cool and funky. One man’s ‘funky’ is another’s ‘70’s’ and both are vague ideas that leave a design open to be taken in very strange directions.

As designers we’d prefer to know specific colours you need to see, the audience that the design is aimed at and weather a specific product or service needs to be mentioned.

Below are a few links that you can look at and refer to that can help you express what you want.

This site has a range of colours that complement each other, you can then specify the exact colours that you would like to see.

This is the resource that your design team uses to source images that can be used in campaigns and in memes , they are all royalty free meaning we can use then as much as we want. You can click on an image you like and take note of the image number and your designer can then use that image in any way you want. It has a range of illustrations and photographs.

This is an amazing resource. It will give you an insight into how designs are produced and can also provide you with inspiration. Well worth a look.

This is Maaya’s portfolio so you can get a feel for what your design team like to produce when the have finished making a real time display for the local tile shop.

This is Tom’s portfolio and contains lots of Robots, but feel free to look around and get a feel for previous work I have produced.

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