What do we do?


Display Advertising

With Wireless Group Display Advertising you can take advantage of putting your brand in front of our many loyal radio listeners. Because our listeners regularly use our websites and can associate with our advertisers on-air presence, we typically see three times higher CTRs than other media websites, making an on-air campaign much stronger and direct.

Feature pages, microsites and competitions

Our client branded feature pages and microsites are a great way to drive our listeners online to learn more about your products, events or services. With our pages, the sky’s the limit! We can embed videos, galleries, competitions and even online games to attract viewers back to your pages and more importantly, they’ll be engaging with your brand.

Mobile Admessenger

Nobody can deny that the age of the smart phone is well and truly upon us! Every minute billions of people are searching websites, reading news content, socialising, shopping and more.
Advertising your product or service to these web users can really achieve great results. You can specifically GEO target locations and areas, and hit a customer demographic to make sure your product is shown to the right audience.

Real Time Display

Wireless Group GB are proud to offer a pioneering piece of digital display advertising to our loyal customer base. The growth and industry shift to mobile and online listening, has led us to develop our unique new product “Realtime Display”. It enables your on-air commercial to auto generate a visual representation on our listen live and app in real time. Listeners can click through and be taken to the clients website while the ad plays on air.

App & Listen Live

Sponsoring our Listen Live and App gives any brand maximum exposure. With people listening online and on the go more than ever before, now is the time to take advantage of our great online products. Our 10 second pre-roll audio clips hit the listener as they activate the service and include a full pre-roll image. Once the listener enters the App or Listen Live, a banner that sits at the bottom is activated throughout the session. The impact of these adverts generate impressive results and typically see our advertisers gaining over a 20% Click Through Rate.


This product gives maximum exposure and is a great way to engage with our visitors. It is not surprising that our homepage takeovers (HPTO) gain very high click through results and many of our successful advertisers use them frequently throughout the year to boost their promotions and events.


Do you have a great special offer for our newsletter subscribers? Want to drive traffic to your feature page or microsite? Gain extra entries in your online competition? Our newsletter pods are ideal to give your campaign an extra push. Our loyal newsletter audience love our station, our great offers and prizes.


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