Direct Impact To Our Loyal Listeners

Sponsoring our Listen Live and App gives any brand maximum exposure. With people listening online and on the go more than ever before, now is the time to take advantage of our great online products.

Our 10 second pre-roll audio clips hit the listener as they activate the service and include a full pre-roll image. Once the listener enters the App or Listen Live, a banner that sits at the bottom is activated throughout the session.

The impact of these adverts generate impressive results and typically see our advertisers gaining over a 20% Click Through Rate.

Why It Works…


Sponsoring our Listen Live or App will give your brand maximum exposure to our listeners. With more people than ever before listening to our stations online, engage directly with them.


Impact the listener as the player loads with a full page design of your brand accompanied by a 10 second pre-roll audio. The user can click and your advert and link directly to your website whilst still within our app without interrupting their listening experience.


Continuous support throughout the whole campaign. Our dedicated Campaign Planner will monitor results and deliver PCA reports to see your adverts progress.

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