Prime Positioning For Maximum Impact

Taking over our homepage is our prime advertising position.

This product gives maximum exposure and is a great way to engage with our visitors. It is not suprising that our hompegae takeovers (HPTO) gain very high click through results and many of our successful advertisers use them frequently throughout the year to boost their promotions and events.

Our HPTOs make an impact on our online visitors. If that’s what you’re after, making that initial impact, a HPTO is for you.

Why It Works…


Get seen by 1000s of our daily visitors with a high impact Homepage Takeover. Your brand will take centre stage for the day and utilise all display ad positions, island banner and background on the stations homepage.


Utilising the HPTO positions within our homepage not only gives your brand a visual boost, but is hugely effective in increasing traffic to your website or online campaign within your radio station. People engage with our brands, often on a daily basis and trust the brand partners that we team up with


Our job is to make your brand stand out and be as fresh and engaging as possible. Our team of designers, campaign planners and copyrighters will work their magic, looking at previous successful campaigns and advise on the best possible solution for your brand.

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