Realtime Visual Display Of Your Ads

Wireless Group GB are proud to offer a pioneering piece of digital display advertising to our loyal customer base. The growth and industry shift to mobile and online listening, has led us to develop our unique new product “Realtime Display”.

We offer this fantastic service to all of our advertisers enabling their on-air commercial to auto generate a visual representation on our listen live and app in real time. Listeners can click through and be taken to the clients website while the ad plays on air.

Our listeners can also open the app and scroll back to load up the last 3 hours, making your advert accessible to even more people!

Why it Works

The Wireless Group GB are proud to announce a revolutionary new digital product to compliment your airtime campaign. ‘Realtime Display’ allows our listeners to directly link to your brand and products by simply clicking your banner as it streams into our digital listen live feature.

Give your potential customers an easier way to engage with your business through ‘Realtime Display’; exclusive to The Wireless Group.

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