Big brands use social media. You’ve probably seen the big names floating around your social sphere on the web and whilst they already have an established customer database, massive PR and marketing budgets and an awesome website with heavy traffic, it can work for any business… including yours.

Do you think social media won’t generate positive ROI for your industry?

It’s not just the younger generations that are engaging on the web. Whilst seniors may be slow and late adopters of new technology, their relationship is completely different and it continues to grow. Tech-savy youngsters may spend much longer scanning their social news feed, but their interaction is limited and superficial when compared to an older demographic. A more considered user makes targeted ads more effective.

Social media may not be at the top of your list when it comes to marketing, but it should still play a part. Your message and can impact customers directly at a level they are comfortable with, just as a friend. You share the same space as their followers and friends and your voice sits within their world. Linking your blog and website to a space users can share what they see offers a real way to increase your online presence. To optimise your online engagement be sure to update your website and blog regularly with rich, fresh content and be fairly constant with your content publication.

What if you don’t even have a website?
Make it a priority to get your business online. You customers are online. They may be on a variety of platforms and respond to different strategies and communication efforts, but ultimately if you don’t reach them, someone else will. Until your website is ready to launch, you can start building your audience base now!

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